A Statement of Goals & Vision

The Chester County Technology Department supports and promotes the educational programs implemented by Chester County Schools to provide academic excellence in an environment that emphasizes balanced growth intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially. The Department develops, executes, and monitors strategies that produce people who understand technology as the application of knowledge to bring about change. The vision of the Department is to empower administrators, faculty, staff, and students to know how and when to use information technology. The Department provides the information technology infrastructure, resources, and support services for an effective, responsive, customer-focused operation.

Information technology is ever-changing, requiring constant attention to short-range goals and roles. Long-range strategies must deal with the realities of change so that accurate forecasting of resource requirements and time-lines provides growth consistent with the needs of Chester County Schools to meet the challenges of the new century. The department cooperates with administrative, faculty, and staff partners to provide leadership in information technology resource planning.

The broad-based responsibilities of the Department include computers, campus networks, and telephone services. Although computer technology has become synonymous with information technology in education parlance, I.T. departmental focus is on multiple approaches to information access and delivery, on information and its uses rather than the specific technology used for processing. This deployment of technology maximizes its impact on executing and optimizing educational strategies and processes. The approach identifies and implements the most appropriate technology for education solutions within a "managed for success" environment.

The Department approaches resource development, implementation, and management with an emphasis upon people, the ultimate resource. Departmental personnel are liaisons with the larger education community. The success of this philosophy is increased competence, responsibility, and empathy for Information Technology Consultants and the education community partners. Departmental support processes assure meaningful goals that best meet the needs and concerns of Chester County Schools.

District Technology Staff

Carroll, Dustin
Technology Coordinator
Lewis, Todd
District / CCJHS Administration
District Webmaster / Assistant Principal / AD
Marise, Steven
Instructional Technology/Testing/Safety Coordinator
Oliver, Greg
Technology Staff