Family Resource Center

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Mission Statement:

Mari Bates serves as Director of the Family Resource Center. This program seeks to assist families in our community through information and training and to remove any barriers that may inhibit a positive educational experience. The mission of the program is to help our students, parents, and community in the areas of hunger, poverty, neglect, school attendance, and homelessness. 

The support services provided by the Family Resource Center have no cost, and are available to all the families of Chester County Schools' students and staff. We are able to help with food, school uniforms, and school supply needs, as well as behavioral and social health supports, and resource linkage for a wide variety of other needs. 

Family Resource Center Request Form

Please follow the link provided to fill out the Family Resource Center Request Form if you, or a family you know, are in need of assistance. All responses to the form will be seen and reviewed by the Family Resource Center Director only, and will not be shared or discussed with anyone without prior consent from the respondent. If there is a need for immediate assistance, please contact Mari Bates directly.