Chester County Schools Adopted Curriculum:

Information for Textbook Adoption Procedures

Chester County Schools adopts new textbooks and instructional materials in accordance with the Tennessee Department of Education's Adoption and Implementation Cycle. These adoptions are on a six-year cycle but have been extended in some cases beyond six years. The State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission formulates the recommended textbook list and sends it to the State Board of Education for their consideration. Once the State Board of Education has approved a list of textbooks and instructional materials, districts follow procedures as set by the state to adopt these materials.

State Guidelines

The state textbook adoption process is administered in accordance with the statutory requirements as set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 22, and the Rules and Policies of the State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission. Please see the Textbook Review, Approval, and Adoption Process portion of the Tennessee Department of Education's website for more information.

Current Instructional Materials Being Reviewed for Adoption for 2023-24

Chester County educators, leaders, and stakeholders are now reviewing math books to be implemented in the 2023-24 school year.  All math teachers and stakeholders are reviewing texts from the.

Public Review of Textbook Samples

Click here to register and view online samples provided by the Tennessee Department of Education or contact Melanie Peel at the Chester County Board of Education to schedule a time to view samples in person.

Chester County Schools Adopted Curriculum:

K-3:  Amplify Education – CKLA 2nd edition
6-8: Wiley/Jossey-Bass – Paths to College and Career in English Language Arts
9-12: Pearson Education – my Perspectives English Language Arts 2021

K-5: envision Mathematics Tennessee

6-8: envision Mathematics Tennessee

Alg. 1, Geom., Alg. 2: envision Mathematics Tennessee

Pre Calculus: Blitzer, Precalculus

Statistics: Bock, Stats in Your World

Statistics: Triola, Elementary Statistics

Calculus: Demana, Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, and Algebraic

9-12: Glencoe Physical Science, Prentice Hall Chemistry, Miller & Levine Biology, Applied Anatomy and Physiology 2nd edition,

6-8: Teen Health
9-12: Glencoe Health

Social Studies:
4-5: Gallopade International Tennessee Experience
9-12: US History: McGraw Hill Education Post Reconstruction to Present

Criminal Justice (9-12): 
Cengage Learning – Intro to Criminal Justice
Cengage Learning – An Introduction to Policing