Welcome to Chester County Schools

Troy Kilzer II

Welcome to the Chester County Schools Website. Chester County School District is a great school district with a great and supportive community of stakeholders.

Chester County Schools have a proud tradition of providing our students the opportunity for a quality education that prepares them to be career-ready and productive citizens. With the leadership of dedicated staff working in partnership with families and stakeholders, our students are nurtured and supported to set high expectations for their learning paths that emphasize rigor and relevance of the content and relationships with the staff who serve them. School decisions made are focused on maximizing the "student benefit."

Chester County is also proud of the accomplishments of our students in multiple venues of performance including athletics, music, theater and competitions with student clubs and organizations. The school life of our students is more than a focus on "reading, writing, and 'rithmetic;" our students have the opportunities to invest in many productive activities that edify the service-minded character that is so prevalent with Chester County students and their families.

As a lifelong resident of Chester County (Class of '85) and father of children attending our schools, I know that our school district is a great asset to our county. If you are considering an opportunity for your children to be taught in a community school district where faith and family are emphasized, Chester County Schools are great choices.

This website contains a variety of information at the district and individual school levels that we feel is useful and informative in a "user-friendly" format. Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way. I can be reached at (731)989-5134 or via email.

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your child, GO BIG BLUE!

Troy Kilzer II, Director of Schools